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5 Easy Overnight Oat Recipes Ideas

My all time favourite way to eat oats.

These keep you full for longer & are delish! With a bit of meal prep you can have these oats ready for you in the fridge up to 5 days in advance for easy grab and go breaky. make into small jars or one big one at add to a bowl before adding your favourite toppings.

Combinations are endless but here are our top 5 overnight oat recipes

Quick Steps to make the base:

1. Add 50g (about 1/2 cup of Merre Overnights Oats with Chia and Hemp or just Merre Rolled Oats to a small jar.

2. Cover with milk or yoghurt (Greek works best. Coconut adds a fresh flavour). Ensure oats are submerged in the liquid. May need a little stir

3. Cover with lid or wrap. Refrigerate overnight.

4 In the morning (smile because you finally prepped a meal!) then add any of these combos or create your own:

  1. Mixed Berries, Flaked Almonds & Maple Syrup

  2. Banana, Walnuts, Nut Butter

  3. Pecan, Pear, Vanilla & Honey

  4. Peanut Butter & Raseberry Jam (trust me, it's delish)

  5. Strawberries & Merre Granola or Muesli

Combinations are endless. Read here to learn more about why oats are so good for you.

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