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  • Where do you source your ingredients from?
    We use WA Wheatbelt oats - like the ones we grow on our farm. Our ingredients we source are close to 99% Australian grown & produced.
  • Is your granola low in sugar?
    Our oats with chia and hemp is very low in sugar (1g per 100g). Both the Farmhouse blend & Original Beauty in our toasted range have 7.2g sugar per 100g. We are generally lower in sugar compared to other commercial breakfast cereal and only sweeten with natural ingredients. Always read the label and nutritional panel for details.
  • What are the health benefits of oats?
    We like to dub oats as the "traditional super food" The are a powerhouse for nutrition. They are: - High in fibre - Higher in protein compared to other grains (16.7.g/100g) - Contain Iron, Vitamin B1, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Copper & Manganese. Due to its type of fibre, Beta Glucan- oats have been proven to help assist with managing diabetes, lowers cholesterol & reduce risk of some cancers, protects you from heart disease and helping with weight control. They are also good for your skin working from the inside.
  • Where is your granola processed and packaged?
    In our country bakehouse in Merredin, 260km east of Perth in the Central Wheatbelt.
  • How many serves would I get in 1kg of granola?
    About ½ cup (50g) is a standard serve so in a retail 500g bag, you will receive 10 serves (20 serves in a kilo)- however this depends how you are using it! Sprinkling over your yoghurt would use less compared to a whole bowl of granola! A 2.5kg bulk bag will give you approximately 50 serves.
  • Are your oats gluten free?
    Oats are naturally gluten free however due to Australian supply chains, crop rotations, shared machinery and equipment, oats contain gluten. Oats imported from overseas may state they are gluten free however there are different acceptable level of gluten standards in different countries. Always read the label.
  • Are your oats organic?
    We aim to minimise as much chemical use on our crops as possible however we are not certified organic.
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