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A true taste of Western Australia

MERRE (Mer-re) GRANOLA is our award-winning premium breakfast cereal that uses oats, including those grown on our farm. Our range includes quality toasted granola, 100% oats (rolled, quick, instant, organic & gluten tested*), classic muesli, and creamy vanilla porridge.



As local Wheatbelt grain farmers from Western Australia, we wanted to start eating more of the world-class food we grow locally. This is why MERRE GRANOLA was developed. All of our wholefood ingredients are grown and sourced locally in Western Australia's golden Wheatbelt and throughout a number of other regions across Australia. We are dedicated to adding no additives or preservatives.

Our recipes were passionately created in-house, incorporating freshly rolled Wheatbelt oats, bush honey, nuts, seeds, and other quality ingredients that we have carefully sourced within only Australia*. Our MERRE GRANOLA blends are then prepared, baked, and packed with love in our bakehouse located in Merredin, WA.

We take pride in using only wholefoods, and our range is naturally flavoured with no added nasties. We offer nut-free and low-sugar options, with some blends in our toasted range containing only 7.2g of sugar per 100g and only 1g in our premium rolled oat blend. 

We specialise in food service but also offer both retail and wholesale sized quantities, and we have the ability to create a blend that suits your business, region, or event.

Want some Merre in your café or outlet?

​Find out more about our wholesale and food service opportunities.

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Producers of world-renowned quality oats

We are broadacre mixed grain and sheep farmers located in the Central Wheatbelt, Western Australia. On our farm, the cropping season allows us to grow many different grains including wheat, canola, lupins, oats (of course!) on large open paddocks. Our sheep produce wool and meat production while complementing our cropping program, aiming for sustainable farming practices.

Did you know?

The Wheatbelt is the largest producer of oats in Australia, with Western Australia oats being world-renowned for their creamy texture, superb taste, and excellent milling qualities. Specifically, on the farm we grow Bannister and Bilby varieties of oats depending on the season, the paddock, and soil conditions. The new Bilby variety is extra special because they have an increased amount of beta-glucan—a special fibre that has been proven* to lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels, protect from some cancers, and heart disease. Research into these varieties continues to ensure those beta glucan levels remain high with each crop.

Beyond its produce, the Wheatbelt region is known for its breathtaking sunsets, unique wildflowers, our bird, the Wren, and open landscapes, as captured through illustration in our brand.


Expanding on the idea of consuming more of our own produce and locally grown produce from Western Australia, MERRE LOCAL has opened its doors in Maple House, a historic building located in Merredin's town centre. 

Looking for a must-visit spot to indulge in the finest Wheatbelt produce?

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