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Espresso Is A Blend of Colombia, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea Coffee with Notes of Cocoa, Dark Caramel and Toffee Nut


Nothing typifies the significance of Italian art more than the sculptures of the High Renaissance. Between 1200 and 1600 the great Italian masters transformed marble with astonishing deftness into works of art that still strike awe into the hearts of admirers today. Another Italian, Luigi Bezzera, started a love affair with coffee when in 1901 he invented a steam-powered device to extract a bold beverage from coffee beans. The Espresso is still revered as the true art of coffee. We salute these great Italian masters who gave to the world these priceless gifts.


A classic Italian style coffee, this blend combines Colombian, Ethiopian and Papua New Guinean Arabicas. The Colombian provides a rich, syrup body while the Ethiopian and Papua New Guinean beans offer floral aromatics and beautiful berry notes. Designed expressly for the espresso, this coffee also presents a superb cup through a stovetop or plunger.