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pronounced Me-re.

Locally -  we believe we should eat the food we grow. We want people to have access to local food.

To the world - We want to give the ultimate Western Australian experience in one bowl.

We are grain and sheep farmers from the Wheatbelt in Western Australia - amongst other grains, we grow world class oats and love them.  Oats have been growing in Western Australia for over 100 years. Now, on average, 650,000 tonnes are produced each year in our region with half going to hay and the other to oats for human consumption - that's 7 billions bowls of breakfast! Western Australians generally eat oats grown in other states - why? Ingredients traditionally used in granola also grow right across the state of Western Australia including honey, nuts, seeds & olive oil.  So, with that winning combination, Merre Granola was born.  


Sourcing premium fresh ingredients from fellow farmers in our state, we hand blend Western Australian Wheatbelt freshly rolled oats, Wheatbelt honey, seeds, nuts and other premium produce to make a premium granola. You will taste the difference! We want to showcase that to the world.

We aim to offer a quality, hand made breakfast cereal celebrating Western Australia in just one bowl of golden goodness.

Paul  & Estelle Madaffari.

A farmer and a food loving -nutritionist driven by good local food.


Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 6.13.00 pm.png

Brand - Behind the Bird

Surprising to some, Wrens are not just found in the Great Southern but infact across the state including the Blue-breasted Fairy-Wren right in our backyard of Merredin.  Just like Merre’s golden bird the Wren, our ingredients are also found right across all regions of Western Australia. Through illustration, the brand also captures WA wildflowers, breathtaking sunsets & the oat plant from our region reflecting its beauty, uniqueness and its food produce.



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