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This can be used for pizzas as well as Focaccia breads. It produces a wonderfully crusty base and top which helps to stop product from becoming soggy from the added ingredients on your focaccia or pizza– dough can be mixed in bread machine, food mixer or by hand. Loved by my Italian neighbours !!!!

PLEASE NOTE: - This scrummy bread mix is now made by Risen Flour so the recipe is even BETTER than before. A change you may need to make is add 300g water rather than the 280g as stated on the back of the label. Do remember to check your dough as it is mixing and if its looking too dry add 1 tsp water at a time until it looks smooth or if its too wet add 1 tsp of the bread mix until its looking smooth.


  • Wheat Flour, Semolina Flour (thiamin, Folate) Vegetable Oil (Palm, Canola) Iodised Salt, Sugar

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