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Grown at high altitudes this is the most famous of all teas. When steeped a little longer than normal, this tea delivers a strong, brisk flavour that can be enjoyed either black or with a drop of milk.


Yahava’s single-origin Ceylon English Brekky Black Tea is our take on a classic. As a crowd favourite, many love the roasted and sweet yet bitter taste of this drink. Black Tea has the highest caffeine levels of all teas (but still less than half that of a standard coffee). Oxidation enhances the flavour, strength and body of the leaves which releases more caffeine than you will find in other teas, giving black tea it’s strong stimulating character. English Brekky Black Tea (or English breakfast tea as it is more commonly known) is best taken during or after your first meal of the day. A good ‘cuppa’ will lift your spirits, help you focus and keep you energised throughout
the day.


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