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A Medium Blend of Mexican and Peruvian Arabicas with Notes of Butter and Chocolate Milk.


Increasingly, people are gravitating towards a world free of chemicals and artificial additives. We are caring more than ever before about what we put in our bodies and we are interrogating more closely the food and drinks we consume every day. More and more coffee lovers are seeking ‘well-being’ with natural foods. To make the search easier, we have discovered two great coffees and importantly two great certified organic coffees. Pacifica coffee has to be one of the most ‘natural foods’ produced, because when we roast this coffee, we add only heat to an already organically grown bean. How good is that?


We blend coffees not only to combine the attributes of each coffee but also as a way of creating distinctly original characteristics. Pacifica organic coffee beans are a wonderful example of how two distinctive coffee beans from different locations can make a rich, organic coffee blend. The organic Mexican is a wildly under-rated bean that Europeans are only now rapidly discovering. While the Mexican is the central coffee in Pacifica, when it is introduced to the organic Peruvian it takes on a delightful sweetness and an appealing sharpness. This balance of flavours, body and texture enable us to produce a beautiful organic blend.