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Organic Decaffeinated Mellow Coffee Beans with Wonderful Aromas and Flavours 


The challenge was to create a near perfect decaf, entirely chemical-free, but it must also be a great tasting coffee. These three characteristics have not previously produced great bedfellows. The notion was you could shoot for any two but not all. The Organic Mountain Water process seems to have broken through this ancient enigma and created the impossible; a great tasting decaf. There is no substitute for a great coffee so we started with a wicked Mexican and Peruvian blend that of course had to be certified wholly organic. Mountain Water Decaf takes these beans and using glacial melt-water from Mexico’s highest mountain, Pico de Orizaba, begins the decaffeination process. The beans are gently steamed and then immersed in glacial water. Caffeine slowly distillates by osmosis, leaving the bean’s admired characteristics fully intact.


Rainfall isn’t just a great decaf; it’s a delicious-tasting and aromatic organic coffee.


  • Organic Mexican and Peruvian coffee beans are blended and washed in a unique water filtration process that removes the caffeine but retains the coffee’s wonderful aromas and flavours.

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